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Koyal Private Training Group Fraud and Compliance

State Fraud Training

Koyal Training’s core Mission is to “facilitate greater Understanding and Awareness of insurance fraud."

Check State Anti-Fraud Training Requirements

Koyal Training expert industry professionals have many solid years of experience in federal anti-fraud compliance. We are deeply-engaged consultants who recognize how difficult it is to remain up there in terms of complete compliance training needs. We make insurance fraud training less daunting and accessible, whether online, or on site, with our bespoke yearly and new-staff training programs, and at the same time design many adaptations for all forms of insurance, as well as for all kinds of personnel. Your staff need not train on a task they do not undertake!

Several states have gradually augmented fraud training policies to their SIU fraud programs which require personnel to acquire an introductory or an existing yearly anti-fraud training for integral staff. Koyal Training will customize a program and furnish the courses needed to keep our customers ahead in all their training targets. We deliver many versions for all types of enterprise, as well as adaptations for particular departments. Koyal Training will monitor and keep all of your employee training documents and keep a journal of each for their yearly upgrade goals. As an administrator, you have unrestricted access to your employee's documents, transcripts, certificates of completion, and also to our reporting tools.

Education is a potent tool in combating insurance fraud. As more states integrate Fraud Plans in their company objectives, education becomes an essential aspect in those plans. Koyal Training has made it easy for you and your organization to acquire the Anti- Fraud Compliance Training you need.

·        Programs designed specifically to address your company or state mandates.
·        Courses taught online or in your business location.
·        Includes the client company’s SIU procedures, guidelines, and contacts.
·        All material is editable and can be upgraded as desired.
·        Fresh courses created yearly.
·        Cost and time effective.
·        Dynamic and engaging course content.
·        Allows you more time to address other important tasks.
·        Independent of any investigation promoters, so no marketing or sales advertising is ever involved.
·        Our courses both improve career development and raise productivity. Browse our list of offered courses and find out why Koyal Training is your trustworthy partner in Fraud Training, Continuing Education, and Insurance Fraud Certification.

International Fraud Training and Consulting

The International Fraud Training Group (IFTG) is Koyal Training International Consulting Group composed of high-caliber industry experts who have more than 125 years of insurance fraud experience. As insiders, we are familiar with the great challenges we face to remain on top of all the required fraud compliance. At present, we offer consulting services in 82 countries, including the following:

·        Help in the creation of company fraud departments.
·        Help in the formulation of fraud unit's policies and methods.
·        Help in the crafting of fraud unit's strategy and fraud objectives.
·        Development of management fraud education.
·        Creation of fraud training programs for all personnel levels.
·        Creation of internal and external investigation personnel.
·        Employment of case management and analytical software.

A way to fighting insurance scam is using education. All employees should be enabled to comprehend fraud, identify fraud, and understand what to do with the problem. The IFTG's fraud educational programs offer very thorough programs for all types of employees from which they could appreciate the nature of fraud within their specific scope. Our courses contain fraud detection tools and warning signs which aid employees in pinpointing fraud. We offer training which provides employees the internal information of how offenders perform fraud and how to probe the alleged fraud. The IFTG has made it easy for you and your organization to acquire the Anti- Fraud Training you need for compliance.

·        Courses presented online or in your business location.
·        Courses available in various languages.
·        Programs tailor-fitted to address your company targets.
·        All course materials can be edited and are upgraded as required.
·        Includes client company’s fraud division's procedures, guidelines, and contacts.
·        Fresh courses designed yearly.
·        Dynamic and engaging course content.
·        Allows you more time to address other important tasks.
·        Cost and time efficient.

Our training courses are designed both to improve career development and raise productivity. See why the IFTG is the dependable partner in Fraud Training and Consulting.

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